As we can offer a wide variety of courses and programmes and get asked for a broad range of tailormade itineraries we will produce a quote for you on request. This will be based on your groups individual requirements talking into account such matters as group size, length of stay, age and educational content.

“By introducing boys and girls to fresh surroundings, and helping them to acquire new knowledge or try their hand at new skills, they provide a general educational stimulus. Many pupils, including some who were far from successful in normal school work, seem to come back with a new zest for everything they do; one head described girls returning from a three week residential course as “having a sort of glow about them”. There is little doubt that many pupils benefit from these experiences in their personal and social development.”
The Newsom Report, Central Advisory Council for Education, 1963.

What do you get?

A choice from an extensive range of activities (See the activities section). You get an all inclusive price which includes, accommodation, all meals and refreshments, activities, instruction, equipment and clothing, transport to and from the activities and evening activities if required. There are no fixed instructor hours so there is no knocking off dead on 5pm. All your work is reduced as much as possible. Leave us take the strain.

You get the “complete” residential experience through Call of the Wild’s personal touch.

“This was the best yet! Instructors were excellent.” Deborah, Webbers Primary, 2019