Areas of Responsibility for Visiting Staff

1. It is important that both visiting staff and Call of the Wild staff are clear about their areas of responsibility.

  • The visiting staff have overall responsibility for the group at all times except when the children are participating in activities when Call of the Wild staff are responsible in order to ensure their safety.
  • Call of the Wild has responsibility for the programme, the equipment and general provision/operating of their facilities to the legal requirements set out in our licence and other health and safety legislation.

2. Upon arrival Call of the Wild staff will outline certain guidelines such as fire drill and general house rules. Group agreements will be discussed with ABEL courses. It is expected that the group will abide by these rules.

3. If instructors are driving vehicles a visiting member of staff should be in the vehicle & responsible for discipline to stop the driver from being distracted.

4. The visiting staff are responsible for ensuring discipline is maintained at a level where by an activity can be both safely run & the instructors involved are not subjected to unacceptable levels of behaviour. Visiting staff will at times be in charge of supervising members of a group not actually participating eg those watching another climb.

5. Instructors will also expect visiting staff to assist during kitting up & de-kitting & changing at the start & end of an activity. It is also important that visiting staff attend where medication has to be carried for certain group members. Although not expected to take part in the activities visiting staff are welcome to do so, at our discretion. It is stressed that it is Call of the Wild staff who are responsible for the safety of the children whilst on the activity.

6. Instructors will set parameters to both the student and visiting staff at the start of activities and these should not be exceeded. If they are then the instructor can halt or even cancel an activity at any time by returning the group to their accommodation or transport, without loss to Call of the Wild (Adventure Activities) Ltd. Instructors will expect support & assistance from visiting staff while dealing with problems with group members. This is in order to avoid any accusations of abuse (sexual, bullying etc)

7. Should any member of the visiting staff be asked to do something about which they have serious reservations or are not happy with some aspect of the course then they need to make their feelings known to Call of the Wild staff.

8. All visiting staff should be clear and comfortable with the day’s activities and their responsibilities.

9. Call of the Wild have an excellent relationship with our neighbours and care should be taken to ensure this continues. All children/students should stay in the buildings/grounds unless accompanied by members of staff.

10. Times between returning from activities & lights out: Visiting staff are responsible for students at the accommodation or during any visits they organise. However evening activities can be arranged and run by Call of the Wild staff . At least one member of visiting staff will be available during the evening activities. Call of the Wild will be responsible for health and safety while visiting staff will be responsible for general discipline at our facilities. Call of the Wild staff will be first aid qualified & can provide first aid cover

11. Between lights out & morning wake up (i.e. night hours): Visiting staff are responsible for all group members during these hours. A Call of the Wild member of staff will be on site overnight at our facilities. This member of staff can be consulted about problems and emergencies after the evening activity. Visiting staff need to inform Call of the Wild staff of any overnight developments or problems which may affect the safety of the children during the day.

12. If a visit to hospital is required or a young person is removed from an activity for any reason Call of the Wild staff will endeavour to accompany a member of visiting staff. Call of the Wild staff will not be left in sole charge of a child and must be accompanied by a visiting member of staff. Alternatively the visiting staff may take responsibility for the situation.

13. All visiting staff have a duty to contribute to the management of health and safety during their stay. It should be stressed that any staff noticing a potential hazard should:-

  • Take immediate action to protect themselves and anybody else from the hazard
  • As soon as possible report the hazard to Call of the Wild staff.

Staff were fabulous as always – so professional but fun. The whole week is slick and well planned. Massive thanks.” Ashperton primary, 2018